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Tree reflexion You're in need of a translation so you go in search for a translator. However before you know it you have so many offers you can't see the wood for the trees. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff? We would like to provide the answer to that question.

Via Time Translations you have access to hundreds of specialised translators who all still believe translating is a skilled profession which they execute with a great passion. All our translators have a degree in translation and are specialised in a certain field, therefore your documents will receive the specialist attention which they deserve.

Time Translations works according the 'Mother Tongue principle', which means the translator will translate into his mother tongue. (Target language) The principle is that a foreign lanuage will never be managed as well as one's mother tongue. This method achieves the best result for your translations.

This however, does not mean the translator does not have full command of the language from which he translates. (Source language) Through their intensive training and experience the translators can be classed as 'near native'. This means they have almost simular comprehension of the language as their mother tongue.

The mother tongue principle will be applied for translations which will be published, like books, flyers and websites. Naturally they will have to impress and create trust which means the translation has to be of first class quality. Translations of internal business letters and juridical text can easily be done by a translator who is not translating into his mother tongue. Translations in which playing with words is not applicable can be easily carried out without the mother tongue principle, because the translator has sufficient experience and knowledge of the subject.

Our translators cover a wide range of specialist fields, which include but are not limited to finance, marketing, medical, technical and legal. Click on disciplines for an overview of the areas we provide translations for. If your profession is not listed it does not mean we can't help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your question.

Beside a wide variety in disciplines we can also offer you a similar variety in language combinations. You can depend on us for the most regular European languages, but also for less widely spoken languages. Please check our overview of languages to get an impression of what we can offer you. If your required language is not listed it does not mean we can't help you. Please contact us with your request.